About findmeaplace.co.uk

findmeaplace.co.uk is run as a Not For Profit Organisation. Any revenues from banner advertising, left after running costs, will be donated to charities for the homeless.

If you have found this site useful please consider donating to a charity for the homeless like www.crisis.org.uk

Do you have details of properties for sale or rent in other countries besides the UK? We can create a /[Country-name-here] version of this website in minutes! Get in touch to help homeless charities in your country.

Not just a property portal

By intelligently leveraging social media, search engines and other content publishers findmeaplace.co.uk is more a staging post for distributing your properties to a mass audience barely reached by traditional portals.

Private owners

Register to post your property for sale or rent completely free of charge.


Submit your properties for sale or rent; private or commercial, completely free of charge. It's your logo, address, telephone number or email address the customer sees.

Using a Management System?

Ask your provider to contact support@findmeaplace.co.uk and we'll merge your current data into this portal FOC.


Looking costs you nothing and you'll see the full property listing plus basic contact details.

There are advantages to registering: you'll have free access to 'quick fire' buttons to get in touch with ease plus the facility to bookmark favourites.

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